Connect the right people with the right company

Professional recruitment and consultancy services.


- We offer recruitment services for individuals and companies in Albania and abroad.

- We offer education programs for Albanians who want to study in Colleges and Universities abroad.

- We offer professional training programs.

- We offer internships, work and travel programs.

- We offer foreign language courses also career and emigration counseling.

- Assist in arranging online interviews for the Line Managers. 

Our Focus

- Hospitality/ Tourism vacancies in Albania, UAE/GCC, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

- Secretarial Vacancies in Albania, UAE/GCC, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

- Retail Vacancies in Albania, UAE/GCC, Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand.

- Training and development for candidates.

- Competitive prices to clients with high calibre European candidates.

- Our core focus is on raising the standard in recruitment solutions. 

Mission & Values

- Our aim is to become that client’s first choice and to build a long-term relationship in the future.

- Connecting the right people with the right company.

- Empowering people through the right jobs.

- We are dedicated to providing quality solutions for our clients and candidates.

- We specialize in finding the right roles for our candidates. 


ERCA is an International Recruitment Agency with offices in Dubai - UAE and Tirana – Albania. We specialize in the Hospitality, Catering, Leisure, Retail, Secretarial, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Construction.

We offer a thorough, discreet and above all professional service to companies and individuals throughout Albania, Macedonia, Kosova, Middle East – Gulf Countrie and Germany. ERCA is managed by a team of experienced professionals from multiple disciplines specialized in character - matching and take the time to understand the business, the company and the people. ERCA helps you find the best Eastern European candidates for your vacancies in services sectors in Albania, Middle East, Germany etc.

We are forever growing in the new frontier markets and looking for partnerships and new resources in new markets.

We offer innovative recruitment solutions and provide the best solutions with a personal touch, tailored around client requirements. We focus heavily on our professional service, consistently delivering quality.

Our core focus is on raising the standard in recruitment solutions and as such have developed a company-wide philosophy of continual improvement to ensure we always exceed client and candidate requirements.

We are dedicated to providing quality solutions for our clients and candidates alike.

What We Do?

ERCA provides professional HR services to meet the employment needs of employers and candidates across the Middle East and Europe.

We are specialized in recruitment and staffing services and consultancy in the Hospitality, Catering, Leisure, Retail, Secretarial and Marketing & Distribution sectors and in other sectors as well.

We believe in relationships. Being confident, straightforward, trusting is what we believe and, it is what we are. We welcome the varied talents of all people who share these traits and philosophy of teamwork, and integrity. We recognize the need that currently exist in GCC for competitive European workforce in specific sectors and we are here to fill in that need with high caliber and presentable candidates.


 ERCA offers a broad category of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development, as well as outsourcing and consulting.

We offer professional recruitment and consultancy services for:

    Employment in the country.

    Employment Abroad (UAE / GCC, Europe, USA).

    Education Abroad (Universities, High Schools).

    Courses (Work and Travel, Internships, Training, foreign language courses).

    Advice (professional growth/career, emigration).

Our aim is to become that client’s first choice and to build a long-term relationship in the future.

We offer exceptional service in recruitment, access to the best candidates in the market place through our database, all delivered by trusting, capable and charming consultants.

At ERC we give professional and prompt service to our clients and know how important it is that the consultant who works with you understands your company, its culture and the specific requirements.

Our business’s success and reputation is based on delivering exceptional service in finding the right candidate for our company clients.

Social Media Marketing

The advent of many, popular social media websites has changed Internet marketing forever. You can now reach out to many people, other than just search engine users. We offer free advertisement for your business through our website and social media.

Why are we different?

We offer unparalleled experience in recruitment, access to the best candidates in the market place, all delivered by genuine, astute and charming consultants. When we work with a new client, our aim is to become that client’s supplier of choice in the future and to build a long-term relationship.

Industry Verticals

We source a wide variety of skilled and experienced staff in Albania to bring talented European faces to the service industry in UAE / GCC, USA, for the categories:

    Hospitality & Tourism


    Food and Beverage

    Marketing & Distribution



 HR Consultancy

Our main role is to assist the client to identify their needs, develop an action plan and provide the right candidate to enhance the success of your organization.

We are specialized in providing experienced and qualified candidates for permanent or temporary contracts and we achieve our goal providing interim and contract candidates across different industries and professions.

The strategic process we adopt when dealing with permanent staff helps to ensure that the most suitable candidates are selected to meet our clients’ needs.

We assist our clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes ensuring huge cost savings.

We are in the business of developing people and careers not only finding the right job for you.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to helping our associates achieve their career and personal goals because our vision is to empower people through the right jobs.

We choose to provide the best assessment, training and mentoring in the recruitment industry, sharing our values and with the people that work with us.


Interview Tips

  • Do your research.

  • Read or listen questions carefully.

  • Be sure you know what is being asked.

  • Think carefully and give your answer to the point.

  • Try to relate your existing skills to the role that you are applying for.

  • Be relaxed & feel confident in your abilities.

  • Ask questions.

CV Services

  • Our consultants will discuss the all-important covering letter or e-mail you send out with the CV, also give advice on your CV and application.

  • Your CV should be customized for each job application.

  • The information should be relevant to the job for which you are applying.

  • Your CV is the information on the basis of which company or consultant will decide whether they should call you for interview or not.

  • Keep your CV short, punchy and to the point. This means it shouldn’t run to more than 2 pages of A4.

  • These days your CV will most likely be read on-screen before it’s printed off. If indeed, it is ever printed. Therefore, format your CV so that it is easy to read on a screen.

  • Your CV must be presentable, well organized and consistent.

  • In most cases the less complex design and format will prove more effective.

Moving to the UAE

  • Expats moving to the UAE will experience a country with modern architecture, fantastic beaches, and a subtropical climate. The desert landscape contrasts with 700 kilometers of coastline. Coral reefs, sandbanks, and small islands do not only attract tourists, but they also make moving to the UAE a fascinating and exciting experience.

  • Dubai has a great deal to offer in terms of leisure activities including world class sporting facilities for golf, tennis, squash, sailing, rugby and many others. Restaurants, hotels and night spots are plentiful, diverse and always spectacularly opulent. The quality of the leisure facilities are among the best in the world and hence have encouraged considerable tourism to the region.

  • Dubai offers one of the most favorable personal and commercial environments in the industrialized world. With excellent communications, booming economy, western lifestyle, fully convertible currency, stable exchange rate and minimal tax regime this emirate has rapidly become an attractive proposition for professionals, families and organizations alike. Dubai is one of the most relaxed places to live in the Gulf region as it has a more secure and tolerant regime than any other location in the area.

  • We will provide our assistance for both clients and candidates moving to the UAE, and we can provide information when it comes to advising on relocating and settling into your new job, new home and a totally new culture.